Instructions of analysis and treatment
for private and professional use

The Weber-Energy Tensor, gold plated brass 57,84 cm 120g, with probe of 3 cm

 Detects and Releases Blockages or Excess Energy in the Body 

The Tensor is a powerful instrument with various modes of application both for private and professional use. It identifies the energy fields that alter our organism and our surroundings, like in cases of geopathic stress. It can find and releases blocks and/or excessive energy in the body and encourages self-healing.


How it works?

Thanks to its heightened sensitivity compared to the Wand or the radioestesia Pendant, it reacts in a more precise way and is therefore easier to interpret for those who are non-professionals. Placing the probe on the parts of the body that are affected it can redirect blocked or excessive energy and harmonise the chakras. For those suffering from food allergies, the instrument can efficiently help with information relating to ones intolerances.



Polarized ring of the Tensor (2,2 cm x 2 mm). Men should hold the ridged side up and women the opposite side up.

The geometric shape of the Tensor tip and the special materials that fill it do not allow for foreign energy to be absorbed. It is therefore not necessary that the instrument be heavily cleaned if used by different people. 

Benefits and application 

- Can test food and beverages
- Identifies disturbing electromagnetic elements in the home or in the work place
- Tests the state of energy in people
- Purifies and harmonizes the chakras
- Frees blocks or energy disturbances in one’s own body or in others
- Works as a transmitter and receiver of information dictated by mental instructions

How is the Tensor used?

The Weber-Energy Tensor can be used in different situations. It is advisable to remove necklaces, watches, belts, mobile phones and purses. If one is wearing the Vitalon Pendant, the body’s energy field will be increased therefore reducing results.     

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Preparation for measuring:


1. Remove necklaces, watches, belts, mobile phones and purses
2. Sit in an upright and relaxed position
3. Hold the Tensor tightly in your dominant hand
4. The Tensor ring is polarized: ridged side up for men, smooth side up for women
5. Hold the Tensor horizontally and perfectly still
6. Keep visual contact with the Tensor

Measuring examples:
Test of food and substance intolerance


- Remain concentrated so as to sense the vibrations
- Hold the ring of the Tensor between the substance and the free hand
- Concentrate on your question. IE: Is this food good for me? Or: does my body tolerate this food? (the questions must require yes,no answers)



Interpretation of the measurements


1. The ring of the Tensor moves vertically
Answer: Block. There is an intolerance for this substance

2. The ring of the Tensor moves horizontally
Answer: Compatible. This substance is tolerated


Testing electromagnetically damaging or disturbing fields produced by electronic devices like TVs, antennas, wires, PCs and other geopathic radiation charges. 


 - If the test a device, stand in front of the device and hold the ring of the Tensor a few centimetres away. If testing antennas or doing geopathic analysis, hold the ring of the Tensor in the direction of the object being analyzed.
- Concentrate on the question: are there charges of geopathic radiation? Is it damaging for me?

1. The ring of the Tensor moves vertically
Answer: Yes, there are damaging fields

2. The ring of the Tensor moves horizontally
Answer: No there are no damaging fields

3. The ring of the Tensor moves anti-clockwise
Answer: Yes there are damaging fields. They are related to the pole (+)

4. The ring of the Tensor moves clockwise
Answer: Yes, there are damaging fields. They are related to the pole (-)

Testing the chakra energy state of a person

1. The person being examined should stand with their back to the wall for stability should he close his eyes.
2. Check the 7 main chakras, one at a time, starting with the lowest chakra at the base.
- Ask mentally or verbally if the chakra is open

1. The ring of the Tensor turns anti-clockwise or does not move or only slightly. In this case the chakra is probably blocked
2. The ring of the Tensor turns clockwise The chakra is open. In this case one needs to take note of the dimension of the turn. If the diameter is about 30 - 35 cm, the chakra is completely open. The smaller the circle the weaker the chakra.

Deflusso di energia in eccesso, di vibrazioni negative e blocchi, con l’ausilio del sondino 

(Uso personale o su altre persone)



  • Outflow of excessive energy, of negative vibrations and blocks with the help of the probe (personal use and on others)

    - Insert the end of the cable (black part) the negative end, into the handle of the Tensor and the positive end (red part) into the gold-plated brass scope (3 cm)
    - Hold the probe over the blocked or trauma in the body.
    - Point the ring of the Tensor towards a window or the ground
    - Give the mental instruction “I want the excessive energy, the subtle negative vibrations and/or blocks from this area of my body to flow out of my body through the body, mind and soul”
    - Concentrate on the image of these energies that free themselves in the shape of a purple flame thanks to the ring of the Tensor and that dissolve in the air. This helps the process.
    - Whilst the ring of the Tensor is moving in any direction, the process must not be interrupted (it can last up to 10 minutes)
    - A soon as the ring of the Tensor stops, the outflow has finished.

    How to transmit the substances that strengthen the body’s energetic field of another person with the help of a scope

    - Insert the end of the wire (black negative part) into the handle of the Tensor and the positive end (red part) into the gold-plated brass probe (3 cm)
    - Hold the Tensor in one hand and the scope in the other with a source of positive information for the person being treated. For example: homeopathic medicines, Bach flowers, essential oils, Aura Soma vials, precious stones or even written instructions
    - Point the rings of the Tensor at a distance of a few centimetres from the sternum or any other part of the body on the person to treat
    - Mentally give instruction to transfer information to the person
    - The ring of the Tensor begins to rotate
    - Once the ring of the Tensor stops, the process has finished


To harmonise the chakras (without the probe): 




- Point the Tensor ring to every chakra point of the person to treat (see illustration)
- Start with the root chakra (below) working up in order until the seventh chakra
- For every chakra point, visualize together with the treated person, a specific colour (see below) Give mental instruction to regulate it
- Once the Tensor ring stops, the chakra is harmonized

Quando l’anello del tensore si arresta, il chakra è stato armonizzato. 


 1. Root chakra Red
2. Sacral chakra Orange
3. Sternum chakra Yellow
4. Heart chakra Green
5. Throat chakra Light blue
6. Forehead chakra Purple
7. Crown chakra Violet




Once the whole procedure has been completed, it is possible to repeat the ‘Test of the energetic state of the chakras of a person’ (see above) to see if the state of each chakra has improved. Before repeating a treatment, let a week go by so that the person can adapt to chakras with higher vibrations. Every test carried out with the Tensor shows a photograph of the person’s state.


What is bioenergetic transmission?

The existence of a universal source of energy, fluid and invisible, has been for a long while, one of the foundations of the mystery cults. It was studied in depth in the works of the greek philosophers Pythagorus and Plato and in the ancient Indian literature of the Veda, in which it is called in various ways; ’Prana’ and ‘Akasha’ for example. 


1. Bioenergy is the vital energy that animates and fills the cosmos, human beings, animals and the fauna of the earth and everything that lives. It is also called Ether or Orgonic energy and is a never ending source.
2. The Chinese call this vital energy Ch’i, the Hindus call it Prana , the Japanese, Reiki and the Hawaiians, Huna.
3. Doctor Wilhelm Reich introduced the term ‘orgon’ in 1936.


Man himself is a great emitter of bioenergy and enhancer of vibrations.
Subtle bioenergy is absorbed by the chakras and retransmitted through hands onto people, animals, plants and materials. The mind, through thoughts, creates information in the form of vibrations.


Orgonic Energy - Wilhelm Reich

In many ancient civilizations, it was understood that a vital cosmic energy, present everywhere, surrounds and permeates every form of life, manifesting itself with a field of subtle energy. We know that this energy vibrates continuously and that it penetrates the human body through the chakras, our breathing and through food. Lack of or alterations in the the energetic vibrations can cause various conditions of disharmony. The Chinese call this vital energy Ch’I, the Hindus, Prana, the Japanese, Reiki and the Hawaiians, Huna. In our culture the terms Bioenergy or Vital Energy are used. Wilhelm Reich coined the term ‘Orgon’ in 1936.  


The Weber-Energy products are distributed by In-Forma.

Eckhard Weber, inventor of the Weber-Energy products, carefully applies the proportions of scared geometry to his products, perfectly harmonized that give benefits to whomever is in their energy field. All the Weber-Energy objects are produced in Germany.

Note: The information given is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical symptom or general pathological dysfunction, nor to substitute a doctor’s opinion or any other professional’s advice.