Consolidates and maintains the energy field created by meditation


7.23 cm, 70 g, gilded brass                               1 emerald and 12 crystals inside


We constantly recreate ourselves and our experiences according to the instructions contained in our genes and in our minds (the mental representation that everyone has of his or herself). Our body has its own consciousness and is able to regulate itself perfectly. Thoughts of good health and vitality will program the pendant so that it can activate its powers of self-healing.
Similarly, fear of disease is able to unleash those thoughts. Wearing the Weber-Energy® Light Body Activator increases awareness of this process and is therefore recommended only to those who are already familiar with spiritual practices

The energy field created by the Light Body Activator. Kirlian foto of the kught Body Activator


How it is used


Human beings have a physical, mental and emotional aura and an energy one in the form of the Star Tetrahedron. The interlaced triangles represent male and female  energy in perfect balance.

The Light Body Activator, also called the MerKaBa activator, should only be worn during meditation or in a state of heightened consciousness. Its powerful effects include vibrational change in the subtle energy field, the enhancement of thought, the opening of the door leading to higher dimensions and the sharpening of extra sensorial perception in sensitive people..

How it Works

The effect of the Light Body Activator is derived from the waves of the figure 8 (symbol of infinity) and 13 of its rings, as well as by the specific length of 7.23 cm which corresponds to the wavelength of the OM. 

Waveform created by the Light Body Activator

The internal cavity contains 12 rock crystals and an emerald. The precious stones are mounted on a propeller in 26 gold wire coils which represent the human DNA.
Emerald: promotes spiritual growth, foresight and a sense of beauty, harmony and justice.
Rock crystal is considered a "bearer of light". It opens the chakras in a broad and deep way.

Waves of Form and Sacred Geometry


All geometric bodies have their own vibrational energy. Sound creates form; an ancient knowledge already known in Babylonia, Egypt and India. The basic geometric figure from which all other forms originated, is the Vesica Piscis, literally "fish bladder", formed by the intersection of two circles.

This geometric figure is the basis of light and the fundamental archetype of sacred geometry. Even the ancient Egyptians recognized the value of this form in sacred geometry.

unity between male and female                Fish bladder

The shape of the Vesica Piscis is found everywhere in nature.

NASA, WFPC2, HST, R. Sahai and J. Trauger         morphogenetic structure of the eye


Orgone energy - Wilhelm Reich

In many civilizations, it has been known since ancient times that a vital cosmic energy, present everywhere, surrounds and permeates all life forms, appearing as a subtle energy field. We know that this energy vibrates continuously and enters the human body through the chakras, breathing and nourishment. Shortages or changes in the energy vibrations can cause various conditions of disharmony. The Chinese call life energy Ch'I, the Hindus call it Prana, the Japanese Reiki and the Hawaiian Huna. In our culture we often use Bioenergy and Life Energy. Wilhelm Reich coined the term "orgone" in 1936.

Weber-Energy Products distributed by In-Forma

Eckhard Weber, inventor of these Weber-Energy products, strictly tests the models and the proportions of the sacred geometry to get the waveforms perfectly harmonized, which benefit anyone within their energy field. All the Weber-Energy objects are produced in Germany.

Note: The information provided is not designed for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical or other pathological dysfunctions in general, nor replace the advice of your doctor or other professional advisor. In-Forma distributes the products of Weber-Energy and is no way responsible for any adverse effects or reactions arising from their use.