24/7 Protection from “Electrosmog”


 Beamer 1: 1 7.23 cm, 42 g, gold plated brass, Range 2 m (4 m diameter)

he Weber-Energy®1: 1 Beamer is an ideal companion, wherever you may be. While traveling, or working in the office, it helps defend you from harmful radiation while strengthening your energy field, allowing a harmonious flow of energy to pass through your body. Thanks to its specific waveforms it has a cancelling effect over the harmful electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks, microwave, TV, terrestrial radiation and ground water.

It is recommended by naturopaths, dowsers and experts in complementary medicine and since 1997 we’ve sold more than 40,000 units.

The Beamer Pendant harmonises the electromagnetic waves emitted by:

1. mobile phones
2. Electrical Pylons and towers / mobile phone transmitters
3. Wi-Fi networks
4. Microwave Ovens, TV sets
5. Air travel and high-speed train
6. Computers and EMF waves
7. Low level radioactive emissions
8. Terrestrial radiation and Contaminated ground water

Note: If you have a larger beamer in your home, only use the Beamer 1: 1 outside the home.


Il campo di energia vitale costantemente emesso dal Beamer Weber-Energy®

How does the Weber-Energy® Beamer Pendant work?



The Beamer’s waveform creates a protective ring. It helps remove or alter radiation contamination while enhancing your body’s own energy field.


All geometric shapes have their own vibrational energy. Sound creates shape and this knowledge was known already in ancient Babylonia, Egypt and India. The fundamental geometric form from which all other forms originate is the Vescia Piscis, literally fish bladder formed by the intersection of two circles. This geometric shape forms the basis of light and the essential archetype of sacred geometry. The ancient Egyptians recognised the value of this form in sacred geometry.


Sacred geometry

The shape of the Vesica Piscis consists of two circles, symbol of unity between male and female, created by their intersection.
It is a birth symbol and one of primordial creation.


Fotografia Kirlian del campo di energia protettiva intorno al Beamer 1:1


The Weber-Energy® Beamer continuously captures the wavelength of life energy (orgone energy) around us. It amplifies and transmits it to those who are located within the area of its wave propagation. Its capacity is determined by the particular length and shape as well as from the vertical position and the material used.
The function of the Beamer can be likened to a magnifying glass: if properly positioned, the lens captures, amplifies and transmits the energy of the sun.
Proper exposure to the source of life energy is achieved in two ways:
1) the wavelength of 7.23 cm, which corresponds to the Cosmic Key
2) the vertical positioning.
To temporarily disable the Beamer, put it in a horizontal position.

Orgone energy - Wilhelm Reich

In many civilisations, it has been known since ancient times that a vital cosmic energy, present everywhere, surrounds and permeates all life forms, appearing as a subtle energy field. We know that this energy vibrates continuously and enters the human body through the chakras, breathing and nourishment. Shortages or changes in the energy vibrations can cause various conditions of disharmony. The Chinese call life energy Ch'I, the Hindus call it Prana, the Japanese Reiki and the Hawaiian Huna. In our culture we often use Bioenergy and Life Energy. Wilhelm Reich coined the term "orgone" in 1936.

Products Weber-Energy distributed by In-Forma

Eckhard Weber, inventor of these Weber-Energy products, strictly tests the models and the proportions of the sacred geometry to get the waveforms perfectly harmonised, which benefit anyone within their energy field. All the Weber-Energy objects are produced in Germany.

Note: The information provided is not designed for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical or other pathological dysfunctions in general, nor replace the advice of your doctor or other professional advisor. In-Forma distributes the products of Weber-Energy and is no way responsible for any adverse effects or reactions arising from their use.