Energetic protection from electrosmog in the home or office


gold plated brass

The vital energy field, also called orgonic energy, constantly emitted from the Beamer, overpowers the electromagnetic waves that have a negative effect on man, animals and plants, realigning their harmony. Thanks to the specific wave form, it overlaps damaging electromagnetic radiation coming from mobile phones, Wi-Fi fields, microwave ovens, TVs, earth radiation and underground water streams. Recommended to naturopaths and experts in alternative medicine, more than 40.000 Beamers have been sold since 1997.

The radius of protective energy from electrosmog by the Beamer depends on the size and varies from 4 to 48m:

Beamer 1:1 (with stand)
7,23 cm, 42g, gold plated brass, beechwood stand
Active radius ø4m
Personal protection. Ideal fro those who prefer not to wear the pendant.

Beamer 1:2
14,46 cm, 480g, gold plated brass, beechwood stand
Active radius ø12m
Eliminates interferences in the house not over 60 sqm.

Beamer 1:3
21,69 cm, 1.5kg, gold plated brass, beechwood stand
Active radius ø24m
Eliminates interference inside larger houses and offices

Beamer 1:4
28,92 cm, 3kg, gold plated brass, beechwood stand
Active radius ø36m
Eliminates interference in schools, industrial warehouses and office buildings

Beamer 1:5
36,15 cm, 5,6kg, gold plated brass, beechwood stand
Active radius ø48
Suitable in cases of geopathic pollution


Note: In large spaces, the Beamers 1:3 or bigger should be placed in the centre of the house and preferably not in the bedroom.


The wave shapes created by the Beamer

The Beamer harmonizes the electromagnetic waves coming from:

- Mobile phones
- Pylons and transmitters for mobile hones
- Wi-Fi fields
- Microwave ovens, TV
- Aeroplane and high speed train trips
- Computer and ELF waves
- Low radioactive emissions
- Earth radiation and underground water streams

The wave shape of the Beamer creates a protective ring, keeping contaminated radiation away and enhancing the individual body energy field.


How does the Weber-Energy Beamer work?

- The Weber-Energy® Beamer continuously captures the wave length of the vital energy (orgon) which surrounds us, amplifies it and transmits it to those within the wavelength radius. Its effectiveness derives from its specific length and shape, its vertical position and the materials used.
- The Beamer’s effect can be compared to a magnifying glass: if placed in the right way, the lens captivates, magnifies and transmits the sun’s energy.
- The correct exposure to the source of vital energy is obtained two ways:
- 1) with a wave length of 7,23 cm which corresponds to the Cosmic Key
- 2) In the vertical position.

Kirlian photograph of the protective energy field surrounding the Beamer 1:1



Sacred Geometry


All geometric shapes have their own vibrational energy. Sound creates shape, ancient knowledge from Babilonia, Egypt and India. The most important geometric shape from which all other forms originate, is the Vesica Piscis or literally fish bladder, formed by the intersection of two circles.

Graphic representation of the Ancient Egyptian headpiece + Beamer Corn circle in Woodborough,
energy field created by the Beamer Wiltshire, UK 13 August 2000

The fish bladder shape is formed by two circles, symbol of the unity between male and female, created by the intersection.
It is the symbol of birth and primordial creation.


Orgonic Energy - Wilhelm Reich

In many ancient civilizations, it was understood that a vital cosmic energy, present everywhere, surrounds and permeates every form of life, manifesting itself with a field of subtle energy. We know that this energy vibrates continuously and that it penetrates the human body through the chakras, our breathing and through food. Lack of or alterations in the the energetic vibrations can cause various conditions of disharmony. The Chinese call this vital energy Ch’I, the Hindus, Prana, the Japanese, Reiki and the Hawaiians, Huna. In our culture the terms Bioenergy or Vital Energy are used. Wilhelm Reich coined the term ‘Orgon’ in 1936.

The Weber-Energy products are distributed by In-Forma.

Eckhard Weber, inventor of the Weber-Energy products, carefully applies the proportions of scared geometry to his products, perfectly harmonized that give benefits to whomever is in their energy field. All the Weber-Energy objects are produced in Germany.


Note: The information given is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical symptom or general pathological dysfunction, nor to substitute a doctor’s opinion or any other professional’s advice.