Portable bioenergetic emitter for the treatment of physical disharmony


Bacchetta Horus  73 g 14,46 cm gold plated brass, rock crystals inside, quartz sand, natural cotton and wax set in a box of beech wood


The Horus wand is an extraordinary portable beamer which can be used on all the acupuncture points of the body, transmitting both energy and positive intentions consciously requested and expected.

Both for private and professional use, the wand has been created to enable anyone to use this ancient and efficient technique of transmitting pure bioenergy.


Benefits and applications

Based on the theory of quantum physics, the Horus wand, thanks to its waved shape and the materials used, amplifies the positive will of whoever uses it to treat himself or others and it can greatly increase the desired effect, without absorbing or transmitting negative vibrations. The Horus wand does not require maintenance.
- energetic acupuncture,
- it recharges the human body with vital energy
- it stimulates the activation of subtle energy
- it purifies and harmonies the chakras
- it improves the quality and digestion of foods and drinks
- it concentrates positive thoughts towards oneself and others
- it can be used for treatment of oneself or others

How it works

Its geometric shape, made up of seven rings can amplify bioenergy. This is further increased by using particular materials like gold-plated brass and inside, a spiral comprised of gold, rock crystal, quartz sand, natural cotton and wax with a beech wood case.


Thanks to both its shape and the materials used, the Horus wand only allows the transmission of positive thoughts and pure bioenergy.

Example of application

Sensitive people can easily perceive energy from the Horus wand. Hold the wand (women with their left hand, men with their right) pointing the end about 1 cm from the palm of the other hand whilst encouraging mental energy. After 1-2 minutes one can sense a pressure, hot or cold or tingling that extends the length of the arm or across the whole body.

Drop of water before and after treatment with the Orgone emitter
Microscopical examination in a dark room if a drop of water before and after treatment with the Orgone Weber-Energy emitter, carried out at the ISD of the University of Stuttgart in Germany


If either physical or emotional feelings are felt, one should place the edge of the Horus wand (with wooden insert) on the parts of the body affected, asking to be freed of the block.

What is bioenergetic transmission?

The existence of a universal source of energy, fluid and invisible, has been for a long while, one of the foundations of the mystery cults.It was studied in depth in the works of the greek philosophers Pythagorus and Plato and in the ancient Indian literature of the Veda, in which it is called in various ways; ’Prana’ and ‘Akasha’ for example.

Bioenergy is the vital energy that animates and fills the cosmos, human beings, animals and the fauna of the earth and everything that lives. It is also called Ether or Orgonic energy and is a never ending source.
The Chinese call this vital energy Ch’i, the Hindus call it Prana , the Japanese, Reiki and the Hawaiians, Huna.
Doctor Wilhelm Reich introduced the term orgone in 1936.

Man himself is a great emitter of bioenergy and enhancer of vibrations.
Subtle bioenergy is absorbed by the chakras and retransmitted through hands on people, animals, plants and materials. The mind, through thoughts, creates information in the form of vibrations.

What is bioenergetic transmission?

In many civilizations, it was understood that a vital cosmic energy, present everywhere, surrounds and permeates every form of life, manifesting itself with a field of subtle energy. We know that this energy vibrates continuously and that it penetrates the human body through the chakras, our breathing and through food. Lack of or alterations in the the energetic vibrations can cause various conditions of disharmony. The Chinese call this vital energy Ch’I, the Hindus, Prana, the Japanese, Reiki and the Hawaiians, Huna. In our culture the terms Bioenergy or Vital Energy are used. Wilhelm Reich coined the term ‘Orgon’ in 1936.  


The Weber-Energy products are distributed by In-Forma.

Eckhard Weber, inventor of the Weber-Energy products, carefully applies the proportions of scared geometry to his products, perfectly harmonized that give benefits to whomever is in their energy field. All the Weber-Energy objects are produced in Germany.

Note: The information given is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical symptom or general pathological dysfunction, nor to substitute a doctor’s opinion or any other professional’s advice.