Restoring Nature's Perfection


IN FORMA products are devices that raise the vibrational frequency of a person to the level of the subtle body energy, thereby helping individuals accelerate or maintain the high level of their  personal growth and spiritual energy. The products create balance and long-term stability as the name suggests IN FORMA (in form) which encompasses the essence of this philosophy:

  1. The secrets of sacred geometry lie in forms, shapes and precise ratios;
  2. Awareness of this ancient wisdom is a key to taking control and creating the reality you want.
  3. This awareness aligns you with these sacred forms, keeping you IN FORMA (in form).

Antje d’Almeida, the founder of IN FORMA, travelled the world before establishing her life and work in Italy. There, in 2011, she founded MIO, her famous concept store and acclaimed art location.*

Antje’s unique approach combines superior design with the goal of health and wellness. This focus naturally led to the birth of IN FORMA, her exclusive line of bioenergetic tools and harmonizing jewelry, which has been hosted by MIO since 2014.
After testing and deepening the positive effects of these unique tools for years, Antje d’Almeida is thrilled to welcome you to IN FORMA on-line, in a new field of unique beauty and higher frequency.

Now available for the first time on-line, IN FORMA offers efficient and ready-to-use products that can improve immediatly (eliminare)the well being of humans, animals, and plants. These elegant objects can also harmonize the vibrations of any location.
Compared to the past, people are now more inclined to recognise the benefits that these technological creations can bring to their psychological and physical state. In the basic idea of our time lies the concept of self-determination, that we ourselves determine our destiny. Thanks to sacred geometry we begin to realise that we are no longer dependent on the power of others, but we are the real protagonists of our lives.

Based on concepts developed by Eckhard Weber, these tools work at both the physical and energetic levels. From body to mind, and from water to electromagnetic waves, each of IN FORMA products will surprise you with the immediate benefits they can bring to your inner being, as well as to your surroundings.


The IN FORMA project is in constant movement and it is developing very quickly, thanks to influential people who recognise and experience the benefits. The Weber creations help restore balance by encouraging a state of well-being.  The more this energy raises the vibration level of people, the more people’s lives become easy and fluid.

*The MIO store has been praised in the international media, from ELLE to GEO and from VOGUE to the NEW YORK TIMES. MIO is currently featured in dozens of guides around the world, from Week-End to Lonely Planet.

Antje d’Almeida’s work also appears in prestigious publications such as Hachette HOME, Dove, Style, Brava Casa, Conde Nast Traveller, Wall Paper, and the Michelin’s Guides.


Come and visit us IN FORMA, authorized distributor of Weber-Energy® products in Italy and USA
MIO store, via della Spada 34R, 50123 Firenze, Italy – P.IVA.